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More Flexibility and Choice this year with Season's Bounty Farm vegetable subscriptions

Posted 3/9/2016 1:21pm by Radell Schrock.

Hello from Season's Bounty Farm!

We planted the peas yesterday... spring is underway! I want to highlight 2 things about our CSA that offer increased flexibility and choice with the vegetable subscriptions.  One is new this year, and the other we started last year. 

1.  New this year - Swap Basket.  When we drop off the crates of vegetables at each pick-up location, we will also drop off a basket with extras in it.  This will be labelled the "Swap/Donation Basket".  As customers come to pick up their crate of vegetables, they can swap out anything they don't want for something of similar value from the "Swap/Donation Basket".  At the end of the pick up time, anything that is left in the basket will be donated to a soup kitchen/or food pantry. 


2.  Market Credit for Any Week You Schedule to Skip.  This was something we tried last year for the first time, and it is back by popular demand.  Anytime you want to skip a crate of vegetables for any reason, (out of town, summer vacation, vegetables piling up in the kitchen) simply go to our website and follow the directions for entering the date/s you want to skip by midnight Saturday.  We will give you a credit to use at our stand at the Harrisonburg Farmers Market that will be good through December 31st.  Full subscriptions get $22 for each week skipped and half subscriptions get $13.  


If you haven't already signed up, it's not too late.  You can sign up at our website

We have also added another pick-up location at Mt. Crawford Creamery.  So if you know of anyone in that area that might like to sign up, you can pass the info on. 

Enjoy the great weather...

Radell Schrock


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